Saturday, January 31, 2015

Round-trip Journey

I was thrusted into the air,
traveling high speed out of town,
flying over a field lit by light,
I could only feel the weight of fun.

But inches away from destiny,
everything turned upside down,
bang! I was hit hard head on,
and away from target I was gone. 

As the twist of fate carried on,
my return flight did not last long,
puff! I crash landed very hard,
returning to where I started from. 

Puzzling over what went wrong,
I was raised to a hero's welcome,
then I realized what a journey I just had,
as the last pitched ball in a no-hitter that I belong

(A story as told by a baseball commemorating the last pitch that ended a game of no-hitter. The ball was thrown around 90 MPH towards batter, hit back hard and then caught to end the game. 
A no-hitter is a very rare accomplishment in which a pitcher holds all opposing players frim getting any hits to get on base or score runs.) 

Originally written in 2015
Modified on May 25th 2016

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