Saturday, January 31, 2015

Round-trip Journey

I was thrusted into the air,
traveling high speed out of town,
flying over a field lit by light,
I could only feel the weight of fun.

But inches away from destiny,
everything turned upside down,
bang! I was hit hard head on,
and away from target I was gone. 

As the twist of fate carried on,
my return flight did not last long,
puff! I crash landed very hard,
returning to where I started from. 

Puzzling over what went wrong,
I was raised to a hero's welcome,
then I realized what a journey I just had,
as the last pitched ball in a no-hitter that I belong

(A story as told by a baseball commemorating the last pitch that ended a game of no-hitter. The ball was thrown around 90 MPH towards batter, hit back hard and then caught to end the game. 
A no-hitter is a very rare accomplishment in which a pitcher holds all opposing players frim getting any hits to get on base or score runs.) 

Originally written in 2015
Modified on May 25th 2016

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Human Energy

2015.01.28  Human Energy

Boarding flight AA376 at DFW. All passengers are bundled up readying for the destined cold in Indy (16F). A lady was in her pink t-shirt and when prompted by the baggage handler, she laughed and said:"I just came from Honolulu." Some time all we need is a cool (or hot) word (or sentence) to warm up!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Qualities of Friendship

On my Sunday School last week, the 5-6th grade students divided into two teams and worked out the top qualities of friendship. Then I wrote them out on the white board in two columns and matched a common set of eight.

So the eight top and common qualities of a friend are: funny, nice, happy, smart, loyal, Christian, kind-hearted, optimistic.

However, they all missed the one that the teacher was looking for, which was also the theme of the class: LOVING

The Memory Verse of the week also reflects on the teaching of Jesus on the subject.

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.               (John 13:35)

Suzuki Group Concert

Jonathan performs with fellow young musicians at annual Suzuki Group Concert in Webster Community Music School today.

Violin and cello students performing "Twinkle Variations" by Shinichi Suzuki


Monday, January 12, 2015

Blessings in the Air

I am used to count departure/flying time, upgrade/waiting list, boarding/priority order, etc etc at airlines' gate as they make or break a good flight. Today at St. Louis Lambert Airport Gate C8, I experienced something that will probably change my count forever.

I was waiting for my flight to Chicago and a one-hour delay put me in a heightened alert for missing another connecting flight in the last three trips (yes, yet-another count). As passengers from the arriving flight steadily streamed out of the gate, I anxiously count down each as prizes of a tournament.

Then my count paused as an older lady strenuously emerged on her crutch, a walker of some sort with wheels. She inched slowly forward, aided by a teenage girl attached to her side. I started to wonder why the pair couldn't spare us the anxiety, maybe with the girl quickly pushing grandma out on a wheelchair?

As they finally got closer to me, I couldn't help wanting to give them a look, but my glare frozen midair as if time had stopped the photons. The grandma's white hair was brushing against the girl's blonde hair as they leaned against each other so closely while moving. On the youthful and smiling face, the eyes were staring blankly forward. The blind girl's left arm was holding onto the crutch for direction while the right arm giving support to the shaky grandma. I forgot counting as they continued to inch forward and disappeared into the crowd, the white and blonde hair waving against each other in the air...

Three hours later and on board the next flight to Columbus, I started writing the encounter in hope that one day the grandma might read it as a stranger's admiring well-wish. As the plane sat at the gate being de-iced,  the delay announcement from captain prompted me to count the odds of on-time arrival and timely pickup of rental car. 

But then, as I looked outside the plane window and against the dark and cloudy sky, I saw tiny and shiny snow flakes falling and waving in the air. And I paused my count. Maybe instead of spending time counting time, my heart murmured, I should count the blessings that surround me in the air?

The blessings, I wondered, might be disguised as the bright smile from a blind girl, or shiny snowflakes in dark sky? Or simply, maybe the air itself which God lets us breath from and fly with.

First written in Westin Columbus
12:49AM 11/13/2015


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coldest Night

As a city embraces her coldest night,
I fly home on a late flight,
Through the treachery of the cold and dark,
What a delight to see my city's warm and bright light!

Picture taken from AA flight 2212 (DFW-STL) as it flew over St. Louis downtown as the temperature plummeted to 7 degree due to a cold front. This probably will be the coldest night of this winter as the winter chill could reach minus 10 degree in the evening.