Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Puerto Rico 2014

For the last week of 2014, Elaine, Jon and I spent a week in the warm and beautiful island of Puerto Rico, our second vacation trip there in three years. Here is a brief recap of our trip.

Day 1 (12/25, Thursday)

  • arrived in San Juan via American Airlines after 1-day delay
  • stayed in Marriott Courtyard San Juan

Day 2 (12/26, Friday)

  • moved to Caribe Hilton. Great beach with ocean fun and activities (photo album)

  • baseball game #1 (Sancturce)

Day 3 (12/27, Saturday): 

  • more fun at Caribe Hilton beach 
  • moved to Sheraton Old San Juan
  • baseball game #2 (Carolina)

Day 4 (12/28, Sunday)

  • toured Old San Juan
  • visited San Cristobal Castle and El Morro Castle (photo album)

  • baseball game #3 (Sancturce)

Day 5 (12/29, Monday)

  • visited Caguas -- dinner at Pollo Tropical, shopping at Costco
  • baseball game #4 (Caguas Stadium)

Day 6 (12/30, Tuesday)

  • relaxed in Sheraton Old San Juan, 
  • enjoyed nice dinner at Jose Enrique
  • baseball game #5 (Carolina)

Day 7 (12/31, Wednesday)

  • visited Condato beach
  • played a set of chess game with Jon on street corner
  • departed San Juan airport
  • arrived in STL at 9PM in time for New Year countdown

Trip Omi-tag: #abw4_et14PR

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Standing Out

Day 3 in Puerto Rico, Jon and Dad walked on the huge ground of Old San Juan Castle El Morro, one of the greatest fortresses in human history that was built by Spanish colonizers over the course of 400 years. 

Dad: Imagine you worked here 400 years ago, how can you stand out among five thousand laborers who were building the castle with stone cutters and chain saws?

Jon: How?

Dad: How about shouting out at the end of an exhaustive day:"Let's continue to work for another eight hours?!"

Jon (LOL)

Dad: OK! How about inventing a new method to cut stones that improved the efficiency by 50 percent?

Jon: Hmm (thinking hard)

Jon: How about getting a machine from Home Depot?


Trip tag: #abw4_et14PR

Omitag: #abw4_story

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tryout at Sea

A Caribbean adventure waited for challenger rush,
Jon took the chance and made a swimming dash,
Then he made a skyward push,
And ended the tryout with, a big splash. 

Trip tag: #abw4_et14PR