Monday, September 3, 2012

A Great Day in the Park

After the remnant of Hurricane Issac finally left town and headed northeast back towards the ocean, the rain stopped and the sun started to peak out of the cloud.

The Labor Day today saw about ten families of GraceGarden Fellowship gathered at Castlewood State Park to mark the end of summer with fun, food and fellowship. We also welcomed fellow members of SLCCC who bumped into our gathering totally by accident!

The party first took a hiking along the Meramec River, then started the charcoal grill for BBQ'ing pork, hot dog and sweat potato. If the delicious BBQ wasn't enough, there were also many yummy dishes of noodle, pancakes to complement.

The boys didn't miss a minute to play team baseball with Jonathan bringing his bats and glove to show how to swing, run and catch. The girls collected clay around the wet land and also had fun in the nature.

After song singing to praise Christ, we took turn sharing about the grace and gift each family experienced with or received from Him in the summer. The sun rays shined through the trees, mixing with smiles and laughter in the air.

What a great day in the park, when we could share the happiness and joy as one family in Him.

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