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Tiffany Won 2nd Place in State Math Competition

Tiffany accepting award
Tiffany competed today at Missouri State Math championship and won 2nd place in the Large-sprint individual event. The competition started around 9am and lasted till about 2pm with the results announced about 3pm. It was held at the Physics building of University of Missouri, Columbia. The result is the best ever so for Tiffany in any math competition. 

The contest is sponsored by and Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM).  Tiffany qualified for the state championship after winning at several local qualifying tournament in September 2011 and then February this year. The time line of the events and Tiffany's results are recorded as following:
  • Missouri local qualifying tournament
    • September 29, 2011 at St. Dominic High School, O'Fallon, MO (result)
      • 56 points and 4th ranking at sprint-large 11th grade event
      • 60/109 points and 2nd ranking at target-large 11th grade event
      • total 116 points and ranked 2nd overall
    • February 3, 2012 at Florrissant Valley Community College (result)
      • 26 points and 8th ranking at sprint-large 11th grade event
      • * points and 2nd ranking at target-large 11th grade event
    •  March 3, 2012 at St. Charles Community College (result)
      • Lindbergh team won the Relay and Team Competitions at the Math League Competitions.  Members of the team included Ananya Benegal, Kyle Burkhart, Shravan Dommaraju, Rachel Maxwell, and Vidhan Srivastava.  In addition, Ananya Benegal won the Sprint Competition for 11th graders and Shravan Dommaraju placed 3rd in Sprint. 
  • Missouri state championship
    • April 21, 2012 -  at University of Missouri, Columbia (result)
      • target-large: 40 points (6th for 11th grade and 9th overall)
      • spring-large: 55 points (2nd for 11th grade and 5th overall)
      • combined: 95 points (3rd for 11th grade and 7th overall)

About Math Contests sponsors a series of high school math contests each year to determine the individual and team state champions in several states. Local qualifying tournaments are held throughout the school year at various sites in these states. 

For Missouri, the event is co-sponsored and organized by Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM).  Within space limitations at each site, schools may attend any or all of these tournaments in an attempt to qualify for the state meet. Each event has a cutoff score, and all students and teams attaining the cutoff score will be invited to compete at the state championship, provided their schools are members of and located in a state where holds a championship.

Test Description
  • POWER QUESTION: This is a multi-part, proof-oriented question that will test the students' higher-level mathematical reasoning skills. The power question is a team event in which groups of up to six (or three for small schools) work for one hour to produce a single multi-page answer. There will be different power questions administered to large and small schools. Scores for this event will be out of 100. Please note: due to time constraints the power question will not be offered as an event at local contests. However, one power question will be made available to member schools as part of the first qualifying round that coaches may administer in their own schools. Calculators are allowed on this event.
  • TEAM TEST: This is a ten question, twenty minute test which a team of up to six works on together (or three for small schools). There will be different team tests administered to large and small schools. Each question will be worth ten points, and the top team test score from each school will contribute to that school's overall point total. Calculators are allowed on this event.
  • SPRINT ROUND: In this individual test, students will have sixty minutes to complete 30 multiple choice questions. Four points will be awarded for each correct answer, with one point deducted for each incorrect answer; no penalty will be assessed for skipping. The top six scores from each school (or three for small schools) will be averaged to calculate that school's sprint round score. If fewer than six (or three) students take the test, zeros will be assessed for the leftover slots. This is to encourage schools to bring more students and not limit participation to only the one or two top math students in the school. Calculators are allowed on this event.
  • TARGET ROUND: This is an individual event consisting of eight questions, each worth 10 points. Questions will be given out in pairs, and students will have ten minutes to complete each pair. Team scoring procedure is the same as for the sprint round. Calculators are NOT allowed on this event.
  • RELAYS: For this event students will arrange themselves into teams of up to three. A relay question consists of three parts, and each student will receive only one of these parts. The first student completes part 1 and passes it to the second person, who must use that answer to solve part 2. This answer is then passed back to the third person, who uses that answer to solve part 3. The third person is the only one to turn in an answer. More detailed information is available here. The third person has a chance to turn in an answer at three minutes, when a correct answer nets 10 points, and at six minutes, when a correct answer receives 5 points. There will be five relay rounds, and the top two teams (or one team for small schools) from a school count toward the school's total. The relay score of small schools is doubled before being added to the school total, so the relay round is worth 100 points in the overall rankings for both large and small schools. Calculators are NOT allowed on this event.
  • SWEEPSTAKES: A school's sweepstakes total is computed by adding its scores for each event. There are a maximum of 100 points available in the team test (the score of the highest scoring team from the school), 120 in the sprint round (average of the top six (or three) highest scores), 80 in the target round (average of the top six (or three) highest scores), and 100 in the relays (sum of the two (or one, doubled) highest scoring relay teams from the school), for a total of 400. At the state meet, the power question will be a competition event, so the maximum sweepstakes total will be 500. Any school scoring at least 200 at a given qualifying meet will be allowed to bring to the state meet all team members who contributed to the school's sweepstakes point total at that meet. 


  • 2012.04.21 - original post 
  • 2012.04.29 - updated with March 3rd event at St. Charles Community College 
  • 2012.05.08 - added championship info

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