Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiffany Took Top Ratings at Missouri State Music Festival

Tiffany in the car on the way from St. Louis to Columbia

We left home around 8:30am and drove 130 miles to Columbia yesterday (2012.04.28) as Tiffany was to compete in the 61st annual Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) State Music Festival held at University of Missouri Columbia.

The event included more than 4,600 individual and group performances representing 395 schools. Most of the festival’s performances will take place in the Fine Arts Building and Memorial Union. Other sites on and off campus will also be used.

This state-level festival has an evaluative purpose during which students perform before some of the nation’s top music adjudicators who provide ratings and critiques of the students’ musical abilities. Festival participants qualified by earning a division “1” rating at their respective district-level festival.

After competing for three events during a stormy day at Mizzou, Tiffany took home two "1" ratings for Clarinet and one "2" rating of piano. Below are Tiffany's results:

Clarinet Solo & Ensemble
Tiffany received I ratings in both solo and ensemble (Fei Woodwind Trio)

Piano Solo

A Day in Columbia

Columbia is quickly becoming one of our favorite towns in Missouri after numerous trips there recently for State-level competition (All-State, Math League and now Music Festival). While in Columbia, the storm came and passed through left the streets wet when we left. We had a working lunch at Bread Co, grabbed drinks from Bubble Cup and frozen yogurt from Yogoluv in downtown Columbia.

All work and some food at Bread Co in downtown
Columbia, with Frank in the background


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