Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Unified Social Networks (2012 Edition)

After a few months of planning, today I established my professional social network. This is an addition to my personal social network that has been in the work for past three years.

The professional social network will mostly share the username of drfranknlee with the exception of Facebook in which case franknlee is used instead.
I have also created some cross-linking among these networks:
  • All the tweets will get automatically posted to Facebook, and Linkedin (with #in tag). The latter is useful as Linkedin is my primary business-related social network so I don't want to necessarily "spam" buddies there with a lot of non-business messages
  • The Youtube service is now trusted and linked to Facebook and Twitter account, so that any video upload will be broadcasted to my social network (with the exception of Linkedin, which is OK for the reason described above)
  • My Gamil account will be the consolidated username for all three major social networks, and this will make managing all the accounts much streamlined. For example, I will set a regular interval to change password on all three accounts. Another benefit is that I only need to check one email account for all updates

  • 2012.04.08 - original post
  • 2012.04.15 - registered and added two home websites

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