Friday, December 30, 2011

"Taste of Sea" - South Padre Island Beach

Our family spent a lovely morning on the beach of South Padre Island in Texas on Dec 27th 2011, a sunny and warm day after a few windy cold ones on the Island. I have taken some photos and videos of the sights and sounds of the sea.

Click on the cover of the album to view the photo collection called "Taste of Sea".

影集"海之味" - 摄于2011年12月27日, 美国德州South Padre Island海滩

Here is an amazing sand castle hand-built by a family of four. I took the video immeditely after they left and before it was ruined by spectators.

Accordng to Jonathan, this is a "good beach"!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tiffany Chosen for All-Suburban Concert Band

Twenty-four students at Lindbergh High School were recently chosen for the All-Suburban Concert and Jazz bands, which will perform Jan. 7 at Ladue High School:
All-Suburban Concert Band:
  • Flute - Stephanie Fei, 6th chair
  • Bassoon - Will Bernard, 1st chair
  • Clarinet - 
    • Tiffany Lee, 3rd chair; 
    • Wailani Ronquillio, 6th chair; 
    • Shelby Sample, 22nd chair; 
    • Eliot Courtois
  • Bass Clarinet - Becky Bavlsik, 2nd chair; Jessica Hack, 3rd chair
  • Trombone - Aaron Latal, 6th chair; Calahan Hempe, 7th chair; Donnie Lawson
  • Tuba - Andrew Senol, 6th chair
  • 1st Alt. Flute - Abby Boehm
  • 1st Alt. Oboe - Claire Dingus
  • 2nd Alt. Oboe - Katie Mootz
  • 1st Alt. Trumpet - Will Black
  • 1st Alt. Trombone - Drew Jacobs
  • 1st Alt. Tuba - Joey Dennis
  • 1st Alt. Percussion - Josh Luthy, Ryan Firth
All-Suburban Jazz Band:
  • Will Gerdel - Lead Alto Sax
  • Matt Leininger - Lead Tenor Sax, alt. Alto Saxophone
  • Ryan Torpea - Lead Trumpet
  • Donnie Lawson - 3rd Trombone
  • Tallis Lockos - Bass Trombone
  • Eliot Courtois - Piano
  • Kevin Baudrexl- Bass